March Madness and Budget Watch

Posted by Tom Manatos

Advisor to House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

Check out the right kind of humor/cleverness to use these days, as opposed to President Bush’s poor taste humor…..Leader Pelosi is tying in the “March Madness” theme into the Republican Madness recently. See site for first round of “Republican March Madness” and vote for the most outrageous Republican priority.

Speaking of outrageous Republican action, the Republican budget just passed on the House floor last night and it will now go to conference committee with whatever was passed in the Senate. See fact sheets on how the Republican Budget affects different issues: Education, Homeland Security, the Environment, Veterans and Armed Forces and Health Care. Also, definitely check out the House Democrats central site for everything regarding the budget including actual video of Republicans voting against protecting social security and veterans benefits, “Budget Watch.”

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