March 31

If you still don’t know who Randi Rhodes is, here she is on CNN today kicking the living crap out of an admittedly third-string wingnut radio goon:

COLLINS: Let’s go ahead and get to the crux of the issue, and I want to hear from both of you on this. Do voters, though, when it comes down to it, do they actually go to the ballot box and pull a lever on any of the issues that they have heard on the airwaves?

Michael, why don’t you go ahead and take a shot at that?

SMERCONISH: No. Heck, no.

Talk radio listeners are not lemmings. They’re not out there as automatons following the instructions of Rush or Sean Hannity of someone else. It’s more like a gathering place, talk radio, for like- minded individuals who are there to be informed.

And let me just say to the woman who is seated there with you that it’s not as if I have to check a box on my employment application as to whether I’m a liberal or a conservative to get hired. If you can generate ratings and revenue, no one cares what you look like. No one cares what you sound like. And they don’t care what your politics are.


RHODES: Michael, you don’t generate either. You’re No. 18 in your marketplace, and you’re working.


RHODES: I’m a liberal working for Clear Channel, and I had to be No. 1 every single book, 12-plus, No. 2, 25-54, which is the big money demo, as you know, in order to keep my job working for them.

And I have kept my job through ratings and revenue. And guys like you just are copycats. That’s all you’ve done, was get on the conservative gravy train.


SMERCONISH: If there were a demand for liberal talk radio, it would be on the air already. It’s not. No one has heard of any…

RHODES: March 31, Michael.

SMERCONISH: Please give me a moment to respond to you.

RHODES: No, because I’ve heard this argument over and over.


RHODES: March 31 in major markets across this country.


COLLINS: The viewers haven’t had


COLLINS: Michael, go ahead and let him finish.

SMERCONISH: If you listen to her, you see why nobody wants to listen to liberal talk radio in this country. That’s it.

RHODES: That’s it. Nobody wants to listen to you.

COLLINS: To the both of you, thanks so much, I think.

SMERCONISH: Thank you.

COLLINS: Randi Rhodes, Michael Smerconish, thanks once again for joining us.

RHODES: March 31.


COLLINS: To the both of you, thanks, guys.

Yeah, March 31!