Mandate For Socialism!

John McCain and the Republicans and the entire conservative machine told the country that Barack Obama is a socialist and the most liberal member of the Senate, and the country responded by voting the guy into office in a landslide.
So we have a huge popular mandate for socialism and extreme liberalism.

1 thought on “Mandate For Socialism!

  1. Of course, we didn’t elect a socialist, we elected a moderate Democrat… but that’s fine, FDR, Kennedy, LBJ and Clinton were hardly radicals themselves, and they left fine legacies. From WPA buildings still serving their communities to AmeriCorps.
    Just keep your expectations tempered. I fully expect to be as frustrated and disappointed at the end of Obama’s second term as I was at the end of Clinton’s… and Obama may lose his majority just as fast as Clinton did.
    But that’s a lot better than watching Bush destroy everything in his path.

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