Making the Integrity of Electronic Voting Into a National Issue

The Commonweal Institute, ( is launching a project to publicize the problems with electronic voting machines, and to make this a national issue.

For a description of this project please see “Making the Integrity of Electronic Voting Into a National Issue,” online at

Also, Commonweal is introducing a collection of links to articles and resources on this subject. This collection is online at This is a good collection to refer people to if they want to learn about this issue.

You can help bring this important issue to the attention of the public by making a tax-free donation to help launch this project online at

If you are in a position or know someone who is in a position to contribute a substantial amount to help launch this project, please contact Kate Forrest at Commonweal at 650-330-1395 or by e-mail at [email protected].

Please consider copying this and sending it as an e-mail message to people who you know who are aware of this issue.