Making Americans Poorer

Here’s Grover Norquist, writing about Bush’s accomplishments, from the Right’s viewpoint:

“Four more years of united GOP government will lead to the expansion of NAFTA to the entire hemisphere and another Doha round of trade liberalization, leading to the unions’ further decline. Teamsters will have to compete with Mexican truck drivers. Why pay union dues if you aren’t being shielded from competition like this?

Public sector unions face a similar squeeze. Bush and Congress have begun the process of competitively sourcing 850,000 jobs. That’s almost half of all civilian workers in the federal government. This will save taxpayers 30 percent of present cost, as the civil servants who now cut the grass for the Pentagon will have to compete for their jobs with private contractors.

Four more years of competitive sourcing at the federal level will inevitably trickle down to the state and local levels, affecting one third of the 15 million state and local workers. For every 100 jobs contracted out, the Association of Federal, State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) loses 37 dues-paying members. If only one fifth of the 5 million jobs available to be competitively sourced are privatized, it costs AFSCME 370,000 times $500, or $185 million.”

Each of these Republicans “accomplishments” lowers wages and makes Americans poorer! And their purpose is to weaken those who oppose the Right, further consolidating the Right’s power.

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“…I hate all you f*ing Democrats. You f*ng deserve to be die. Hopefully we can kill the f*ing bunch of you soon…”