Magic Act Video

The other day I wrote about a Magic Act Video — How The Right-Wing Does It. Now I have it up at YouTube: Never mind — it was too long for YouTube. Use the same old location:
See the video (Note, this is an ‘mp4″ file which requires Apple’s QuickTime. You can download QuickTime by clicking here.)
Return on Investments display (Small PDF document)
Return on Investments references (Small PDF document)
PS Al Mite TeDollar told me the performance was based on these two reports — and there is a lot more information on this subject available here at Commonweal Institute’s collection of articles, reports and resources for studying the right-wing ideological movement.
And, finally, if you want to do something about the Right’s message machine, get involved.

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  1. Dave, YouTube is reporting the video is down due to a terms of service violation. WTF?

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