Magic Act Video — How The Right-Wing Does It

There was a great magic act at the recent Progressive Roundtable convening. During the performance the magician, Al Mite TeDollar, describes the Right’s infrastructure of organizations and how they operate to move America’s politics to the right. (He told me the performance was based on these reports…) Now there’s a video available showing the performance.
Here’s Commonweal Institute’s description of the video:

Al Mite TeDollar, the Billionaire Magician, mystified attendees with his Maximizing ROI (Return On Illusion) performance at the opening reception of the Commonweal Institute’s Progressive Roundtable on March 2, 2006. Weaving magic, political satire, and economic allegories, Al demonstrated why billionaire investments in political infrastructure and legislation have yielded returns beyond the dreams of avarice. Magic was afoot, reminding the audience of the real-world misdirection and shell game operations going on all around us.
See the video (Note, this is an ‘mp4″ file which requires Apple’s QuickTime. You can download QuickTime by clicking here.)
Return on Investments display (Small PDF document)
Return on Investments references (Small PDF document)

Go watch.
PS You can contact Al Mite TeDollar for bookings here.

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  1. Off topic, but what would he have done had the woman switched envelopes when he offered?
    How would he have kept the $4K check then?
    Nice to see this message being presented, though.

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