Mad Cow Disease reaches U.S. – “not terrorist related”

[Uh… why do the first words out of the mouths of our government officials these days have to be “does not appear to be terrorist related”? -Thomas]

First Case of Suspected Mad Cow found in U.S.

Dec. 23, 2003

The first U.S. case of suspected mad cow disease was found in an animal in Washington State the USDA announced tonight. Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman said that a single “downer” Holstein cow that was either sick or injured and intended for rendering, not food processing, tested presumptively positive for the brain-wasting illness. The farm in Mabton, WA, about 40 miles southeast of Yakima, has been quarantined and meat from other animals in the herd are being traced for testing. The USDA will hold daily briefings on its investigation.


[Read the Reuter’s AlertNet article. The animal was a “downer” … i.e., it wasn’t moving (i.e. it was obviously sick) when it was slaughtered. They singled it out for testing, then they proceeded to process the meat!!! God damn, I’m happy I’m a vegetarian!!! You’d think that common sense would dictate that the meat be quarantined until the test results came back… god forbid we do anything to impact the profitability of the beef industry, I guess.

Hmm… we banned all import of Canadian beef due to a single BSE case earlier this year… what do you think the current administration is going to say if Canada suggests they take similar action?!?


Thomas Leavitt