Lying Liars Update

Awhile back my buddy Dave posted a piece on the Bush-Rove strategy of lying all the time. More recently, mind-mannered neoliberal Josh Micah Marshall said about the same thing, and for Brad DeLong’s opinion just google “Brad + DeLong + these + liars” for the ongoing series. (Dave’s piece is now the #1 google for “They just lie”.)

The Rove-Bush strategy doesn’t seem to work as well overseas, and deception still can be an issue for Spanish voters and also for Polish leaders. But here in America we’re all California fuzzy-logic situational ethics: “That was then — it doesn’t really make any difference any more — it’s water over the dam — we’re positive people who look forward — solutions are more important than fingerpointing.” Or at least Rove and Bush hope so, judging by Bush’s recent lame WMD jokes.

For my Polish and Spanish readers, however, with their naive enthusiasm for their recently-won democracy, here’s a collection of links about the Bush administration’s lies, Chalabi’s lies, and the circulation of lies through the American media. (The Knight-Ridder pieces are of special interest: throughout the Iraq War, reporters for this chain consistently did actual reporting, instead of just typing up administration handouts the way the deteriorating New York Times and Washington Post did. Perhaps market forces will eventually propel one of the Knight-Ridder newspapers to national status to fill the journalistic gap.)

237 misleading administration statements about Iraq (pdf file complied by Rep. Waxman, of the House minority)

Knight-Ritter: Exiles plant fake stories in media

Knight-Ridder II

Editor and Publisher: Fake Iraqi exile stories planted in media

Editor and Publisher II

Chalabi: “So what if we lied?”

Chalabi family has cashed in for $400 million so far

Google cache of Royce story

The two Chalabi stories got very little coverage in the U.S. media, and the second story has apparently been pulled from the internet by Newsday, which originated it. I saved the Google cache.