Lotta Opinions

Nathan Newman on Gore, Lott:

At this point Kerry or Dean or Edwards will have to do something pretty damn dramatic to pull my support. That they have sat on the sidelines as this controversy has unfolded says volumes about their potential leadership, or lack thereof. Any politician who can not deal with racism straight on won’t get my vote. Period.

I’m actually going to see Kerry at a reception Saturday. Maybe I’ll get a chance to ask him about this. But keep in mind that those of us reading these things are living in “internet time.” Lott only said it a few days ago. I don’t fault Kerry for being quiet so far. AND DailyKos has a different take on this:

So in retrospect, perhaps Daschle was on to something when he gave Lott a pass. I still think Daschle should’ve passed on the issue (“I certainly hope he didn’t mean what he said! Segregation was horrible, yadda yadda…”), rather than make excuses, but it’s clear Daschle’s job as minority leader is easier vs. Lott than against any number of more competent (and diplomatic) GOP senators.

Meanwhile, Daschle isn’t giving Lott a pass, after all. Which might be a strategy to rally Republicans around Lott, which keeps Lott in place. Is it intrigue, or is it just life in internet time?