Lose A Ton!

James Boyce: I’ve Already Lost A Ton This Year:

I am one of those people who should be quite willing and in fact, adept, at calculating my carbon footprint and then offsetting it. After all, CS NMS has clients such as NRDC and the Rainforest Alliance, and the environment is a true passion of mine.
I also am a strong supporter of climate change legislation and everyone chipping in for good causes.
However, I have to confess — I have never offset my carbon emissions; and I haven’t even really come that close to trying if the truth be told. My biggest issue is that frankly it’s just too damm complicated; there are calculators to help you figure it out but you have to enter something in those calculators. They are not self-calculating and it takes a lot of work.
Can. Not. Be. Bothered.
So (drum roll please) when my friends at the Marion Institute launched a $7 Carbon Diet, that gives you the chance to offset just one ton of carbon emissions for just $7, I was happy. This I understand. This makes sense. I get it.

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