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Does this map (from Kos) remind you of anything? Maybe the Red / Blue electoral map?
The Americans dying in the Iraq War overwhelmingly come from the blue states. A lot of them may come from the red areas of the blue states, but they don’t seem to come from the red states.
The Southern / Southwestern / Great Plains/ Rocky Mountain demographic is able to win elections for the warmongerers, but the only red states that seem to be pulling their share of the military load are Ohio and Indiana. Effete, latte-sipping California is making the biggest sacrifice
Like electoral votes, troops come from the heavily-populated areas (mostly in the Northeast, the Midwest, and California). Not from David Brooks’ “Heartland”.

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  1. It’s not clear what “home of record” is. My understanding is that these are basically where the bases are.

  2. “Home of record” apparently represents the place where someone enlists or re-enlists (after a break in service of more than a day). The pattern on the map doesn’t show any clustering around any of the big military bases I know of, few of which are in the NE. I’m not an expert on military affairs but as far as I know my first impression on this was about right.
    “One’s “Home of Record” is the place one was living when they entered the military (or, re-enlisted in the military, if one chooses).”(Link).
    “Home of Record” is a term used by the military for purposes of indicating the place
    recorded as the home of the individual when commissioned, appointed, enlisted, inducted or
    ordered into a tour of active duty.” Link

  3. It figures that it would be the blue, or industrial, states that would be contributing the most members of the armed services. They not only have the most dense population but also the biggest variety of ethnic groups.

  4. This map correlates to population density. To imply that aggrieved blue-staters are being victimized is absurd.
    Check out this population density map from Wikipedia.
    It’s obvious what’s happening here. Evil Republicans are forcing Democrats to live in overcrowded areas!! What a conspiracy!
    Seriously, these types of hysterical theories are the reason most people think hard-left activists are a bunch of crackpots.

  5. ***********************
    That was my point: it correlates with population density. Just like the presidential-vote map.
    Hysterical Republican hard-right crackpots (like you?) made a big deal about the county maps which showed almost the whole US (by square mile) as Republican. They didn’t mention that the majority of Americans live in the small blue urban counties.
    They also pretend that the blue states are effete and cowardly and that the “Heartland” is tough and brave, but the blue states are carrying at least their share of the load. The way those guys talk you’d think that the heroic red state folk were flocking to the recruiting stations, but there’s no evidence for that on the map.

  6. In fairness, I looked at the actual numerical statistics, and some of the red states (especially on the Great Plains and Rockies — but Vermont has the highest rate of all) have very high per capita fatality rates, and some of the eastcoast liberal states have relatively low fatality rates. I was just sick of all the red state / blue state comparison BS.
    The highest-fatality states tend to be low-population, so the Army still depends on the high-population states for the bulk of their troops.
    Per capita by state

  7. These maps can be misleading in isolation. It’s not that they’re bad in and of themselves, it’s just that they don’t give the full picture. Other relevant comparisons would be per capita enlistment and fatality rates and gross numbers.
    As for jaymuntz assertion that Seriously, these types of hysterical theories are the reason most people think hard-left activists are a bunch of crackpots, he’s missing the forest for the trees.
    Look to the right wingers, whose theories are orders of magnitude crazier. They get respect. Clearly, it’s not about how cracked out your theory is.
    The reason lefty activists are considered crackpots is because of the constant media barrage demonizing all that is liberal and calling all liberals crackpots. One of the central pieces of propoganda is that “liberals are crazy, thus don’t take them seriously.” In reality, the causation is the other way around. People don’t take liberals seriously because they are called crazy.
    Jay, don’t believe the propoganda.

  8. Other relevant comparisons would be per capita enlistment and fatality rates and gross numbers.

    Bribes – look two posts above yours. John posted a link to the per-capita fatality rates. They seem to indicate that the Red states are the ones bearing a disproportionate burden. (I applaud John for digging deeper and posting the results. It’s always risky to post your ideas online. I know that I sometimes overreach, and it can be embarrasing.)
    My real point was that this is not a political issue at all. People choose to serve their country because they have a sense of honor and duty. Let’s not drag those sacrifices through the Red State/Blue State mud.

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