Local Food

We grow some of our own food in a small garden. Our garbage largely goes into a compost pile. This is in a regular neighborhood. So I thought I would pass this along: How You Can Start a Farm in Heart of the City,

Once you taste lettuce that actually has a distinct flavor, or eat a sweet tomato still warm from the sun, or an orange-yolked egg from your own hen, you will never be satisfied with the pre-packaged and the factory-farmed again.
. . . When you grow some of your own food, you start to care more about all of your food. “Just where did this come from?” we’d find ourselves asking when we went shopping. What’s in it?

It’s not just about flavor and health and quality. It’s also about local control and about putting carbon into the air. Food that is shipped means carbon going into the air. Food from a giant supermarket is more money going to the corporate system and away from local farmers.
I stopped buying imported olive oil when I realized that this is something that is very heavy that is being shipped across the planet. What’s the point of that?