Local Blogger Makes Good

STF bogger Meryl Johnson, (who hasn’t posted here for a while), is one of the Top 20 Finalists in the Gather Short Fiction Competition, for Dark Songs,

There were over 400 submissions to the Gather Short Fiction Competition, and the entire Short Fiction Team agrees — narrowing them down to 20 was no easy task.

3 thoughts on “Local Blogger Makes Good

  1. I’m not too impressed Dave. We already have blogs that do those things and we don’t have ones that do what we need the most.
    We need triage coordinators. We need the Horse or someone like him to direct media activism in a more efficient manner.
    We need a go to point, somebody or somebodies to keep a calendar for what’s comming up first and next and so on because I’m sick to death of playing last minuteherioc every minute of every day.
    I am sure there is more, but we need to learn how coordinate and divide our labor so that we become more efficient rather than just exhausted and downtrodden.
    We could do it if we put our noggins together and figired out how.

  2. It figures. I was rather hoping that she would pull a lot of that religious stuff together for public consumption; I haven’t seen anybody explain the depths of the religious right the way she does.

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