Listening To RW Radio – “They’ll Just Spend It On Crack”

It is so important to listen to right-wing radio, in order to understand what the Republicans are putting out there – both the hosts and the callers. (The callers to get a sense of what they are “hearing” as well as because some are professionals posing as regular people. “I used to be a Democrat, but…”) I had some time to listen today. The Right is consolidating its base and rallying them around Bush. It will work.
“Welfare” appeared to be the operative word today.

The New Orleans “welfare riff-raff” have “hit the jackpot” and are going to get new houses and cars and “we” will all have to pay for “their” windfall. Now “they” are going to be bringing their “crime” to decent cities.
New Orleans was the biggest “welfare city” dependent on government handouts. Most of kids are from welfare mothers. We all saw pictures of “able-bodied” young men refusing to help save people, and instead looting.
“These people” are all so dependent on big government that they won’t even get in a boat when their houses are flooding.
“Government bureaucracy” was the cause of the delays in getting help to people, and this all shows why we need to make people less “dependent” on government and more self-reliant.
And, of course, much of the problem was that Bush “had to beg” the Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans to let the Federal government help, and they refused because they wanted to hang on to their power. But the good governors of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida wanted to help their people and asked Bush for help before the storm. This was repeated endlessly. (Here is an online example from today, which is pretty close to what was repeated over and over on the air. It is a lie, but that doesn’t matter if it is repeated enough.)
An example of similar stuff online here,

And just who was it that stepped forward to demand the victims compensation fund? None other than the NAACP. Yup, NAACP president Bruce Gordon is saying that a compensation fund for the Katrina victims should be the first order of congress. By the way, the NAACP didn’t call for a victim’s compensation fund after any of the four hurricanes that devastated Florida year. Draw your own conclusions.

Update — I forgot to add that TWO callers (on on Limbaugh, one on a local RW station) complained that the government is giving money to “these people” and they are “already on public assistance” and they will “just spend it on crack.”
UpdateJesse sums it up.

5 thoughts on “Listening To RW Radio – “They’ll Just Spend It On Crack”

  1. There’s nothing too shameful for those guys, and they are very skillful and determined. I’ve seen some signs that the facade is cracking. A few reporters on the ground talked back to the spinmeisters in the studio, for example.
    When I look at Google News, however, the story is fading and the Republican spin is doing pretty well.

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  3. This is truly terrifying because people actually continue to believe anything these thugs say.
    There’s more subtle propaganda out there, too. Is it aimed at doing away with New Orleans entirely? Chertoff had made remarks about whether a below sea level city was worth “saving” long before the hurricane. Is that why the situation’s being presented as utterly hopeless? And why are there now 45,000 military in the otherwise nearly empty city? NYC just sent a contingent of police, police cars, firemen, city busses, etc. to New Orleans, not to help the citizens, but to sustain the military! We need those resources here, especially those busses.

  4. If they succeed in spinning of THIS, then it seems to prove that they ARE in control of our minds. If people are going to beleive the BS this time, then I dispair.

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