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I’ll keep saying it. To understand what is happening to the country you have to listen to Rush Limbaugh, and visit sites like Free Republic and the right-wing blogs. This stuff is the mainstream of The Party now. Limbaugh is so mainstream that his show features things like interviews with the Vice President of the United States.
From Paul Waldman: ‘Cozying up to hate radio’,

Those who have never listened to Limbaugh might be surprised at just how repugnant his comments are. But will any reporter ask Cheney whether he agrees with the things Limbaugh says, or whether he believes it is appropriate for the vice president to associate with a character who trafficks in such hateful rhetoric?
Chances are the answer is no.

What is happening to us is not “the pendulum” swinging. These people are intentionally dividing the country. The only historical precendent is the period leading up to the Civil War.

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  1. There is no better way to keep free men from acting together than to set them at each other’s throats, and that is what our “normal politics” does. – Walter Karp
    I don’t listen to the radio, but I do keep Human Events in my bookmarks for just the reason you give.
    Frankly, I’ve been unwilling to make this comparison for fear of engaging in emotional hyperbole, but the type of demagogery being expounded by the likes of Coulter, Limbaugh, Savage, Hannity, etc. only differs in matters of degree from the type of propaganda that was pravalent in Nazi Germany. Seriously, look up a Goebell’s speech and imagine inserting “Liberal” in for “Jew” and see how comfortable a fit it is.

  2. Ever listen to ‘Air America’? Rush Limbaugh may be a little extreme, but he is made to look like a reasonable push-over by the on air talent at AA.
    Here are some comments I have heard:
    -A host telling a right-wing caller who was saying he came on to “extend an olive branch” that he would “grab that olive branch out of the caller’s hand, beat him with it and then beat him to death with the but of his rifle”
    -The same host saying that he would love to “shoot hunters, cut their heads off, and mount them on his wall”
    -Constant calls of “Treason” against anyone on the right or anyone who voted for Bush.
    -A gun cocking and firing sound on Randi Rhodes show in reference to the President.
    Those, and many more examples, show it is your side that is dividing this country.
    Oh, and in an interview with Bill Mahr where Mahr said that the Iraq War is having positive effects in the middle east; the host cut him off, went to commercial, and then when they came back the host angrily dismmissed Mahr and ended the interview.

  3. Well, I am not quite sure I know what you mean by “professional”. I am a “professional” in my field. But, if you mean if I am a “professional” politico: no, this is just a hobby related to a slight case of internet addiction.

  4. Pericles writes: Ever listen to ‘Air America’?
    Is Air America broadcast on Armed Forces Radio? Does the Vice President give exclusive interviews to Air America hosts? Do you wingers ever hope to get over your persecution complex?

  5. Most of Pericles’s examples are fabrications or intentional distortions. They’re taken from a list he’s been given. But it doesn’t really matter. Pericles, like all of them, just plays word games. Nothing is intended in good faith, ever.
    “You say we are divisive? NO YOU ARE DIVISIVE!” It’s like having a discussion with a four year old.
    Frankly, I don’t care about divisiveness. If we have to be divisive to end the influence of the corporate and religious right, I’m all for it. If we have to be (fill in the blank) to totally defeat the right, I’m all for it.
    Dave and other liberals believe that we on the left are “better” than them because we behave like decent human beings. First, I no longer care about behaving like a decent human being if it means the right continues in power. But, more importantly, we are better than them not because our tactics are more decent, but because our beliefs are correct and good and theirs are wrong and evil. Now, of course, they would say the exact same thing — but they would be mistaken. That’s the crucial difference.

  6. “Dave and other liberals believe that we on the left are “better” than them because we behave like decent human beings.”
    Ricrd knows me WAY too well to be calling me a “decent human being.”

  7. At least before the Civil War those who were being divisive were arguing about ending slavery. There’s no such issue now. The only goal is to whip up hatred against “liberals,” equated with the spawn of Satan, and hysteria over fake moral issues.

  8. Read it again, Dave. I only said we (including you, I guess) BEHAVE LIKE decent human beings.

  9. Richard is correct: the wingers are evil. Let’s not hesitate to say that. The policies they pursue inflict massive suffering on large numbers of people, degrade or destroy basic personal freedoms, and threaten the very existence of life on this planet. This is the definition of evil.
    The blunt truth: “Conservativism” is a “mental disease” (as Michael Savage would say).

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