How many of you are familiar with Link TV – Your connection to the world? It’s a channel on DIRECTV and DISH Network, and some cable systems.
LinkTV is NOT corporate-controlled! Among other great shows they have a show called Mosaic: World News From The Middle East,

Mosaic features selections from daily TV news programs produced by national broadcasters throughout the Middle East. The news reports are presented unedited and translated, when necessary, into English.
Mosaic includes television news broadcasts from selected national and regional entities. Some of the broadcasters are state controlled and others are private networks, often affiliated with political factions. These news reports are regularly watched by 300 million people in 22 countries all over the Middle East.

(Follow the link to see a show.) They also show great world music videos.
Go explore their site — more here and more later.

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  1. Yes, yes — I hardly ever turn on the tube (after all my umbilical cord comes out of this computer) but occasionally I’ve seen Mosaic. Great source of other points of view.

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