Links From Today’s Smoking Politics Show

Here are the links we promised from today’s Smoking Politics BlogTalkRadio show:

Psychology Today : The Ideological Animal,

“In one study, they exposed some participants to the letters WTC or the numbers 9/11 in an image flashed too quickly to register at the conscious level. They exposed other participants to familiar but random combinations of letters and numbers, such as area codes. Then they gave them words like coff__, sk_ll, and gr_ve, and asked them to fill in the blanks. People who’d seen random combinations were more likely to fill in coffee, skill, and grove. But people exposed to subliminal terrorism primes more often filled in coffin, skull, and grave. “The mere mention of September 11 or WTC is the same as reminding Americans of death,” explains Solomon.”

Fear of death may factor into who we vote for

Fear as the driving political belief

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