Lines For The Peasants, Services For The Rich

Coming back from DC Friday I was in a very long security line at Dulles Airport. Very long. But there was a special, short security line for First Class passengers. The rich got to sail past the peasants. I guess this is our new post-Bush government-in-action, left in place by Obama.
This was a government service, in a public airport. This was not the entry to the passenger cabin of the plane, where the rich get to sit first and then you have to file past them, looking at the nice, comfortable seats and the champagne-and-orange-juice they are served before the peasants are allowed to enter. This was a government-operated security checkpoint, making the peasants stand in line while the rich got special service.
I guess it’s similar to how the biggest banks get special treatment by the government, and smaller banks get the FDIC Friday-after-closing takeover. The large oil and coal companies get government checks while innovative startup alternative-energy companies are on their own, with potential investors aware that the government will help the fossil-fuel giants crush them.
We are truly in a post-democracy era and most of us are the post-industrial peasants. The government will help the already-rich stay that way, the rest of us are harvested for profits and as disposable workers.

1 thought on “Lines For The Peasants, Services For The Rich

  1. Do you think this might be actionable discrimination? I would think so. I don’t travel by air very often, but when I have done so I have been annoyed by the short, quick, lines for the other guys. However, I had not thought of it in a legal sort of way until reading your post.
    Count me in on the (lower) class action suit.

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