Limbaugh and others spread disinformation about the 9/11 survivors groups; Bush fixer James Baker defends the Saudis against their lawsuit

Kristen Breitweiser and Monica Gabrielle are members of the “Family Steering Committee for the 9-11 Survivors”, which has filed a lawsuit against the Saudi government for their complicity in 9/11. The lawyer defending the Saudis is Baker Botts — the law firm of the Bush family’s old and trusted friend James Baker, whom Bush just recently used for an important U.S. mission to the Mideast.

When Breitweiser and Gabrielle recently appeared on national TV criticizing Bush’s 9/11 ads, Rush Limbaugh (along with Newsmax, the N.Y. Post, Republican operative James Pinkerton in Newsday, and others) immediately claimed that Breitweiser’s group was funded indirectly by Theresa Heinz-Kerry. This is doubly false. First, Breitweiser has her own group and is not a member of the group Limbaugh is thinking about — “Peaceful Tomorrows”. Not only that, but Peaceful Tomorrows is not funded by the “Tides Center” (the group funded by Heinz-Kerry). Peaceful Tomorrows does its own fundraising and actually pays money to the Tides Center for administrative support.

Limbaugh has also claimed that the survivors are Democrats and that that is why they are criticizing Bush. Well, you can be sure that they are Democrats now, regardless of what they might have been before. Just seeing Bush’s friend James Baker standing there in court alongside the Saudis would be enough to turn anyone around.

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“Any questions about Tides Foundation or the Tides Center can be addressed to Christopher Herrera , Tides Foundation’s Director of Communications at 415. 561. 6355, or Willa Seldon, Executive Director for the Tides Center at 415. 561. 6300.”

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