Like the Meat in the Supermarket


“One reason there was no trace of what happened in the Neutral Zone on those two days was that Armored Combat Earth Movers came behind the armored burial brigade, leveling the ground and smoothing away projecting Iraqi arms, legs and equipment.”

This isn’t about what we did, it’s about how it was hidden from us, so we wouldn’t know what we did. Our “government” presents us with carefully controlled information, set up so TV screens don’t show us the reality. Manufactured consent instead of informed consent. Democracy is So Last Century.

Do you know that we are no longer allowed to see honor guard ceremonies for dead soldiers?

VietNam was the last time Americans were allowed to see what REALLY happens in a war. And because of the draft it happened to THEM. If you think about it, this means that no one under about 45 really understands that war is anything other than a TV show. It’s like the meat in supermarkets – it comes in a nice clean package. THIS is why the public thirsts for war. Much of the public sees this as a TV show. Clean. Sanitary. No REAL death. No REAL gore. It’s just another TV show. Like the meat in the supermarket.