Libertarians have to put up or shut up

How can any libertarian even consider voting for Bush?

Some of the ones I’ve talked to recently point out that the Democrats have given no strong signs of being much better than Bush on this issue. Be that as it may, however, it seems very unlikely that they’re worse, and what the Bush administration is doing is totally unconscionable. (E.G. sending innocent suspects to Syria for torture, or holding an American citizen incommunicado without a lawyer for a full year, plus major changes in American law) And this is not just temporary state-of-emergency stuff — they’re permanently changing our whole legal system.

I obviously have an axe to grind. I’m not a libertarian, though I am a civil-libertarian liberal and have had problems supporting corporate Democrats who seem to be unaware of this kind of issue. Still, if the libertarians in this country don’t at least vote for a Libertarian for President this year (but preferably the Democrat, of course) the whole libertarian movement should just pass out of existence and be forgotten. It’s at critical turning points like this one that you find out whether someone’s ideals are real or phony.

Leaving the ballot blank doesn’t cut it. It says nothing and does nothing.

(Based on a comment I made on Brad Delong’s site).