Liberals ARE Satan

Bush and his Repubicans have always been smart enough to use surrogates to spread their hateful, divisive message to his audience. That way he doesn’t get blamed for what they say. But you know there is the wink and the nod. The behind-the-scenes payoff. The deal, the contract, the job at the think tank, etc.
Has Bush “The Uniter” EVER condemned the things said in his name? And today here’s just one more example.
Today at Republican TownHall, Why Liberals Channel Lucifer,

Thinking they are like the very angel of light, liberals have taken to forked-tongue talk of late. And though they drone in pleasant tones, the bile their words create are some of the fiercest deceptions ever spoken.
Biblically literate people understand that before Satan fell, he shared an exalted place in close communion with God. But through his pride and lust for power he foolishly attempted to think himself equal to God. He so deceived himself in the matter that ultimately he believed that he himself might be able to manipulate God. In my brand new book …, I argue that these are the exact same tactics used by modern liberals.
Where they disagree with the Almighty – they simply dismiss Him.

[. . .] Not that liberals have any interest in truly understanding people of faith in America, because they don’t. But if they did, they would never be able to handle the structure of rational, truth-based, commonsense thinking that pervades the communities of the devout today.
So all that’s left is to call us “stupid bible thumpers” or “zealous right wingers.”
But that’s okay, because the false prophets – which is in essence what liberal spokespeople are today – called Jesus much worse.

3 thoughts on “Liberals ARE Satan

  1. Actually, the “biblically literate” know that the idea of Satan as a fallen angel largely started with Milton.

  2. What’s the name of the new book that just came out written by the guy who I think ran Bush’s faith based initiative? Utterly disillusioned, he’s writing about the contempt the Bush crowd has for the evangelical Christians who vote for them. So — maybe they should be demonizing those hypocrites instead of liberals?
    The right wing credo has always been — set up an enemy and demonize that enemy. Hitler did it, too. Isn’t that what’s going on here?

  3. Something else that the “biblically literate” would know is that Jesus–as described IN THE BIBLE–would be reasonably described as either “liberal” or “progressive”. “Good” Jewish men did NOT hang out with women to whom they weren’t married or related. “Good” Jews refrained from activity on the Sabbath. He praised the virtue of humility (especially in prayer). Most importantly, He noted that earthly wealth was of no concern to Him or His Father (“easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”–pardon me if I don’t have the quote exact; not to mention some statement about giving up all one’s worldly goods to follow Him).
    Of course, what kind of biblical literacy should we expect from people who get their information from a “news” channel with no regular religious program or from a network run by people who beg for money more frequently than PBS? (It also bears noting that there is NO “Lucifer” even mentioned in the Bible; of course, the “biblically literate” would know that fact. I suppose the TownHall poster truly is a “stupid Bible thumper” since he knows not whereof he writes.)

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