Liberal Oasis on Concession Democrats

In his Sunday Talkshow Breakdown Bill at Liberal Oasis compares the Republican reaction to Clinton’s 1992 victory with the Concession Democrats’ reaction to Bush’s.

On Nov. 4, 1992, the day after Bill Clinton beat George H.W. Bush by 5 percentage points and 202 electoral votes, this was the first thing out of Sen. Bob Dole’s mouth:

“57 percent of the Americans who voted in the presidential election voted against Bill Clinton, and I intend to represent that majority on the floor of the US Senate.”

He finished his remarks with:

“I think [Clinton] got some good news and some bad news last night…

…The good news is that he’s getting a honeymoon in Washington. The bad news is that Bob Dole is going to be chaperone.”

With that fighting attitude, the GOP stymied the centerpiece of Clinton’s agenda, health care, and took over Congress in two years.

Compare that attitude with what was displayed by the lone Dem on the Sunday shows, Sen.-elect Barack Obama. From NBC’s Meet The Press:

“…one of the things I told the president was that we all have a stake in seeing him have a successful presidency.

I don’t think that the Democrats succeed by rooting against the president in office.

But we have to be honest where we disagree with him and he’s got to make his case where he’s presenting issues that we’re skeptical about.”

It’s not just Obama showing softness. This is the party line.

Concession Democrats wonder why the public perceives Republicans as “leaders” who are “strong.” I don’t wonder. Bill doesn’t wonder. It’s because they don’t roll over on their backs and whimper, “Please like me.” Instead they fight for their constituents.

That was MY vote that Kerry conceded, setting the stage for Bush to come out and claim a mandate to get rid of Social Security, etc.