Liberal Media Bias

From Joe Conason, “Big Lies – the Right Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth.” Pages 35-36.

“Even more important than the inherent media bias in favor of conservatives is the huge financial advantage lavished on right-wing propaganda over the past twenty years by major funders. The largest and most notable, which work closely together, are the Smith Richardson, John Olin, Sarah Scaife, and Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundations. Coordinating their expenditure of hundreds of millions of dollars, the directors of those four foundations (along with many others) have underwritten a formidable infrastructure of think tanks, magazines, publishing grants, media programming, and academic research, all of which promote conservative ideas. The imbalance has been exacerbated by the reluctance of liberal foundation executives to match the ideological zeal and singular focus of conservative philanthropy. The result is that there are currently three national organizations producing media criticism on the right – and only one performing a similar function on the left.”

Told You So.

From something I’m working on, about fighting the right:

The people who write the books are funded. The people who write the op-ed pieces are funded. The people speaking on any given radio or cable TV show are funded. The people speaking to public interest organizations are funded. Even the people who initially write many of the templates for letters to the editor are funded.

Everyone we’re up against is well paid. They have resources. They have influence. And they’re fighting a war. On our side, there’s very little. It’s like the money people on our side aren’t in the game, and don’t understand that you can’t sit this one out – war is war and you can’t call a “time out.”

Hey, money people, if you fund a redwood grove, maybe hiring a biologist and paying a lawyer… for $500,000 a year for 10 years, and then the President declares that the best way to fight forest fires is to cut down the trees, or a Federalist Society judge rules that the best use of our resources is for corporations, those trees are GONE and your $5 million investment is GONE.

The right IS coming, they ARE working to destroy the things you care about. They are working to change the public’s thinking and get their politicians elected. THAT is how they are getting their way. You can’t just fund narrow-issue programs anymore and expect them to be effective. You have to also start funding an infrastructure that works to change basic public attitudes, just like the right is doing.