Liberal Hawks Plan Democratic Party Takeover

Ari Melber of the miserable Kerry campaign has published an op-ed in the right-wing New York Post saying that the Democrats can win only by becoming more hawkish and defying their dovish wing with a “Sister Souljah” moment. Sample line:

“Democrats must come together and proudly view their party as the party of national security — before anyone else will.”

The piece is bad enough to make you wonder whether Melber is deliberately trying to wreck the party. He knows perfectly well that much of the Democratic Party rank and file is dovish, but he is asking for a candidate who will insult them.
Here’s my (slightly edited) response:

It will be a cold day in Hell before I pay attention to anyone who had anything to do with the Kerry campaign. You guys were worthless. The response to the SBV’s was wretched.
The Democrats can’t run against their base. The problem with the Democrats is that they’re so dominated by Ivy League policy wonks such as yourself that they are completely incapable of communicating to the American people.
Your silly plan would almost certainly split the Democrats, and even so, I seriously doubt that the Dems will ever be able to out-hawk the Commander in Chief’s party — even when the CinC is fucking up as bad as Bush is.
The Democrats learned nothing from the 2000 election, and you’ve made it your job to make sure that they’ll learn the wrong things from the 2004 election. Go to hell.
Most sincerely yours,
John Emerson

6 thoughts on “Liberal Hawks Plan Democratic Party Takeover

  1. Bravo John. I share your sentiments.
    Trying to out-hawk Republicans in the garish light of torture and Bush’s wars of aggression is simply an obscenity.
    I could just vomit.

  2. Everyone’s homework: Rent/buy The War Room.
    Think long and hard – why did Clinton win?
    1. When attacked, fight back. Hard.
    2. When your opponent is drowning, throw the bastard an anvil.
    Everyday, the Bush is handing out anvils, and the Democrats are doing nothing.
    Mr. Compassionate Conservative hosted Marey Carey who said she’d like to do the Bush twins. Shurely, an ad in Bibleland, could burst Bush’s holier-than-Democrats aura.
    Why hasn’t any Democrat asked the question, which Republicans paid Gannon/Guckert for “other services”? You know, nudge, nudge, wink wink.
    And, how is this for a soundbite: “Bush’s legacy will be measured in the broken bodies and missing limbs of our Armed Forces and National Guard.”
    If the Democrats want people to vote for them, they need to start fighting back, not giggling like the Pilsburry Doughboy when Republicans give’em a stomach punch.

  3. Bravo barkid! I’m not saying that the Democrats should start acting like Repubs but when they consistantly run off to a corner and cower when attacked by the lies of the Repubs. it makes me ashamed of them and their lack of courage. This was seen in the last election when Kerry tried to outBush Bush instead of confronting him on the issues. When Bush brough up his “religions beliefs”, Kerry tried to convince the public that he had as much, if not more religious beliefs. If came across as phony. When Bush struted about declaring himself to be the protector of our country by going to war with Iraq, Kerry stated that the war was wrong but that Kerry would not end the war. Huh? Kerry had so much amunition to use in that election race and none of it was used. Instead Kerry went on the defensive about HIS OWN MILITARY INVOLVEMENT instead of confronting Bush ON HIS AWOL DURING WAR TIME. This, and many more issues were never brought out. The Repubs. were allowed to smear Kerry without any resistance from the Democrats. Just as they had done with Max Clealand (and got away with it) as well as others. If the Democrats do not stand up for themselves and start confronting the Repubs. out and out lies, they will never regain the respect or the confidence of the American people. No one can respect those who do not respect themselves. Cowering and cringing every time the Repubs. decide to aviod responsibility for their own behavior by blaming the Dems they are displaying signs of sociopathic behavior. Each time the Dems. accept this blame and apologize for it they are showing signs of being an enabler. Both are pathological behaviors. The Dems. need to start supporting those that exihibit the healthy behavior of those who confront and stand up for themselves as well as the people of this country and the values of the Democratic party. They need to stop encouraging the pathological behavior of those who “enable” the Repubs. in their pathological behaviors. This reminds me of the family where the parents are physically and emotionally abusive to children and blame the children for the abuse. The children become convinced they are “bad” and try to change their behavior to control the parents acts of violence. In this type of family the children will sometimes try to protect each other but, most often, will side with an angry parent against a sibling. They do this in order to appease the parent as well as to try to protect themselves from any future acts of violence from the parents. The children will never be able to appease the parents because they have a need to be abusive. The Dems. will never be able to be “Republican enough” to please the Republicans because they have a need to have a scape goat to blame the results of their own behaviors on. The only way the Dems can stop this is to not take it any more. If the news media refuses to air their side of the story then they need to go directly to the people either through the alternative news media or public speaking tours or both. But they can no longer act like the frightened children of abusive parents.

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