Libby – Reactions From The Authoritarian Right

The authoritarian right is starting to weigh in. (Note – Read the comments at these blogs at your own risk.)
The Strata-Sphere,

Libby was tried by an abusive prosecutor out for fame and name who knew Libby had nothing to do with the exposure of Valerie Plame’s identity to the media, but all the same caught Libby in misrecollections of events. […] At least he did not do what Clinton did which was pardon drug dealers and tax evaders.

American Mind,

President Bush’s poll numbers can go any lower so he’s not hurt politically. The Bush bashers will pile on, but they’d do it no matter what. In fact, Bush ends up giving something to conservatives who feel the Plame investigation was a joke and Libby got a raw deal.

Don Surber,

…This was a witch trial. America should be ashamed that it allowed this “special” prosecutor to ignore his mission — finding out who blabbed to Bob Novak that Joe Wilson’s wife was CIA — and instead the prosecutor went after Karl Rove and Scooter Libby.

Sister Toldjah,

The Nutroots who were out for Rovian blood in the pLamegate case (but settled for Libby’s instead after it was announced that Rove wouldn’t be indicted) won’t be too pleased to hear about this – nor, I’m sure, will Pat Fitzgerald and that liar Joe Wilson. Expect the usual foaming at the mouth and howls of outrage any second now.

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller,

Sandy Pantsbergler couldn’t be reached for comment. Just shut up, upChuck, shut the fuck up and go suck on the tailpipe of a Chevy ‘57, will you? There is no possible way that you could serve your country any better than by doing that.
Oh, and Harry Screed was bloviating something about the Bush Administration “not facing justice for silencing critics.” Because heaven knows, once Dickhead Armitage had mentioned non-covert agent Valerie Plame’s name, we never heard a single word from her or her lying sack of shit husband ever again!

Flopping Aces,

This is just outstanding. Lets recap, a case about the outing of a CIA deskjockey who sent her husband off with the sole purpose of harming the President’s policy became a perjury case against a Cheney aide. Perjury not even related to the outing mind you since everyone now knows who did in fact out her….cough Armitage cough….but no matter. Libby gets some dates wrong and BAM! Lets send him to prison for 3 years. This case was a political railroad job from the beginning so why shouldn’t more politics be brought into it?