Let’s Send Bush Hunting With Cheney

Where does Bush stand on gun control? Is he a hunter? Is he afraid to go hunting with his Vice President? Was Cheney sending Bush a warning? What does Pat Robertson have to say? What is God trying to tell our President?
I wouldn’t mind George Bush talking to God if I could be reassured that he ever listened to God.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Send Bush Hunting With Cheney

  1. Gary, it’s easy to be guilty of this, I know, but don’t stoop to Ann Coulter’s level, as this headline does. Take the high road.

  2. I think cheney needs take bush hunting. We never get that lucky! How would cheney get way with shooting bush,i bite he would get way with, it just like he going to do with his freind.I do know we would not get way with it. We would be in jail. So i think cheney needs be in jail .What do think about it ?
    eddie from mo

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