Leninist Principles Behind Conservative Movement

A good diary at Kos, and it runs along with something I’ve been thinking a lot about. Daily Kos: Cal Thomas: the republican call for Leninism and blasphemy. Go read and recommend (it’s a diary, the recommend button is on the right).

The use of this language by Thomas is no coincidence – the neo-cons are a movement of Leninists. The essence of Leninism is Power. Lenin was happy to switch back and forth from capitalism (NEP) to communism, from elections to bullets, from a strong war policy to surrender as long as he retained and built power. The US leninists have the same flexibility. For them, political positions are simply valuable propaganda or not. Balanced budget/unbalanced budgets, gun control/gun banning, anti-choice/”moderation”, gay marriage bans/hiring Cheney’s daughter for gay/lesbian outreach and so on. The suckers who kept trying to find high minded socialism in Lenin were no more or less gullible than the “conservatives” who look for some “conservatism” in Bush/Cheney’s policies. The only consistency is Power.

4 thoughts on “Leninist Principles Behind Conservative Movement

  1. And Lysenkoist as well!
    Jesus. I’m glad that you guys are finally making this connection! I’ve been a very lonely man, trying to get people to understand that the neoconservative ambition to export the glorious revolution of “freedumb” was nothing more than microwaved “Great Leap Forward” claptrap. But what can I say? I am extremely intelligent. Anyway: welcome.
    And yeah, if I come off sounding dickish, it’s because I have six years in the bank earning the right to be frustrated as hell. Surely you can appreciate that.

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