Left Dumbs Down

Nicholas Kristoff has a column in today’s NY Times, The Left Dumbs Down, in which he complains about “The Left” (it’s actually a few people on the left) resorting to name-calling and conspiracy theories.

And what about people who AREN’T engaging in this stuff? They’re singled out for extra criticism,

It’s true that Democratic politicians like Tom Daschle haven’t joined the conspiratorial hysteria, but that’s because they’re ducking controversial issues and are frightened of offending centrists. Al Gore’s speech last month on the economy blasted the administration without offering a single specific suggestion of what should be done.

So the people who AREN’T engaging in incivility are only not doing so because they are cowards!

He says it sounds like Rush Limbaugh, that the White House team that executed Vince Foster must have struck again, and that this is a good day to reflect on this incivility.

OK, I will.

It worked. They won. And where were people like Kristoff in the Clinton years, when the Republicans were going nuts with conspiracies and accusations and insults and ridicule and incivility (all planned by polls, and focus group tested)? Criticizing Clinton.