Leaking CIA Agent Identity – Funny Joke

After refusing to fire Libby and Rove for endangering national security by leaking the identity of Valerie Wilson, Bush makes jokes about it.

Wonkette – President Bush Does the Macarena,

At a roundtable with Latin American journalists, Bush proved that no matter how bad things get, it’s important to keep your sense of humor:

Q Mr. President, in Argentina, you will have a bilateral meeting with President Kirchner.
Q What I want to know — sources of the government told me that they would ask you about more cooperation on support for Argentina, you know, in the IMF fund —
Q Exactly.
THE PRESIDENT: Please don’t tell me that the government leaks secrets about conversations to the —
Q Well, I have my sources in the government.
THE PRESIDENT: You do? Okay, well I’m not going to ask you who they are, of course. (Laughter.)
Q No, please.
THE PRESIDENT: Inside joke here, for my team.

Er, yeah. Perhaps you should have tried to keep things inside to begin with, eh?
Speaking of things that shouldn’t get let out of the bag, we also liked his response to a question about Argentina building a nuclear reactor in Venezuela: [go to source for the rest]

Big funny. I wonder if Valerie Plame’s contacts and co-workers are laughing. We don’t know how many are in prison — or dead. We don’t know where the WMD she was trying to keep out of the country have landed.
Did the joke bomb?

2 thoughts on “Leaking CIA Agent Identity – Funny Joke

  1. Pericles/Scorpius seems not to be troubled by the ridicule Bush directs at crucial questions of national security relating to weapons of mass destruction. I, for one, recall the high-larious Bush pantomime about his inability to find the fabled Iraqi WMD. Oops! heh heh. My bad about that misleading stovepiped intelligence. My bad about leaking the name of a covert agent, causing the CIA to unravel an entire operation which was trying to counter proliferation of *actual* WMDs.
    [Shrugs.] Shit happens, little people die. You gotta laugh, though dontcha? Keep yourself healthy and focused through humor and bicycling, huh?
    Damn, that’s a laugh riot.

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