Lawlessness on the Right

InstaPundit is complaining because Maryland police are planning to use tips obtained during the sniper hunt to crack down on gun law violators. (Warning, the article referenced is in the Moonie “Believe It Or Not” Times so it’s going to have a far-right propaganda slant!) From the article:

“Our goal is to reduce illegal firearm possessions and violent crimes,” said Capt. Nancy Demme, spokeswoman for the Montgomery County Police Department.


“Gun advocates portray the crackdown as evidence of continuing hostility toward gun owners by county officials.”

From InstaPundit:

“This is sure to produce less cooperation in the future. And it explains why so many gun owners don’t trust the authorities: They’ve seen things used as excuses for anti-gun sweeps in the past.”

I thought the right-wing line is there are enough existing gun laws, and the government should do more to enforce the laws already on the books, instead of passing new ones. But here we see that when the government DOES that, it’s met with complaints. I guess we were supposed to see the wink and nod and understand that “enforce the laws already on the books” was just a “talking point” to use to block effective gun control, and they didn’t really MEAN it.