latimes poll: Bush Edges ahead


We have been focusing on rebuttal of absurd charges, while allowing the charges to pollute the air. This is a defensive strategy. We need counter-attack. Why doesn’t someone (nice 527! nice 527!) run a series of ads called …. “The Making of A President” and present a biography of Bush: the lies, the political hack attacks, the shady insider dealings, the corporate favoritism, etc.

The mainstream press (as well as the rightwing pundits) have claimed that Kerry brought the SBVFT on himself because he emphasized his record of service. This argument can be turned around: Bush has brought upon himself a new examination of his character because a character argument is being used against his opponent.

The MoveOn ads I’ve seen were more like weepies than tough political ads (remember those little kids on the assembly line?). Everybody has got to start thinking offensively here. It is not too late. To do otherwise would be a real strategic failure.