Lamont Win Good

Here and there I’m seeing comments that Lamont’s victory only puts off the day of reckoning, whereby the Right will make things bad enough and the public will finally see the light… Last year I wrote a post about this “give them enough rope” strategy,
Inches and Rope to Right-Wingers?

2 thoughts on “Lamont Win Good

  1. Lieberman is already making pronouncements about “taking back the party from extremists” while Karl Rove is on the line to discuss strategy with him.
    Joe needs to face reality; his behavior has outted him. The Democratic Party is not his personal property but the property of the people. His Senate seat is not guaranteed for life though most times in reality it is. If Joe were playing it smart, he would wait for a few posts in a future administration, or agency head or ambassadorship. Instead, we have the most amazing meltdown since the “Checkers Speech” except we will still have Joe to kick around until November.

  2. You couldn’t be more right about the “give them enough rope strategy.” There’s where you’ll find the elitists, convinced they are proles of course. Thanks for writing that.

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