Laid-Off Steel Workers Blaming CLinton

As Factory Jobs Disappear, Workers Have Few Options:

“Ask laid-off workers what is to blame for the woes, and they point to imports, low wages in China, the strong dollar, production moving overseas, President Bill Clinton for embracing the North American Free Trade Agreement and President Bush for focusing only recently on the crisis.

Robert White, a laid-off steelworker who voted for Mr. Bush three years ago, said: ‘He’s slowly getting his eyes awakened to what’s going on. The air has been going out of the balloon for a long time, and he’s trying to stop it. But the air is almost out of the balloon.’ “

This reminds me of the poor people in Alabama who voted to keep their taxes high and their schools unfunded so that the rich people in Alabama don’t get a tax increase. Also reminds me of the 70% of Americans who believe Iraq is behind 9/11. There is a HUGE gap in the information you and I get, and the information that people out there in the mainstream of America get.