Considering that MoveOn.org was started by people fed up with the impeachment drive against President Clinton, I wonder how Rep. Kucinich explains the following?

House Votes on the Impeachment Inquiry

Friday, October 9, 1998

Following are the 31 Democrats who voted with 227 Republicans yesterday to launch an impeachment inquiry of President Clinton:

Boswell (Iowa), Condit (Calif.), Cramer (Ala.), Danner (Mo.), Etheridge (N.C.), Evans (Ill.), Goode (Va.), Hall (Tex.), Hamilton (Ind.), John (La.), Kind (Wis.), Kucinich (Ohio), Lampson (Tex.), Lipinski (Ill.), Maloney (Conn.), McCarthy (N.Y.), McHale (Pa.), McIntyre (N.C.), Minge (Minn.), Moran (Va.), Peterson (Minn.), Pickett (Va.), Roemer (Ind.), Sisisky (Va.), Skelton (Mo.), Spratt (S.C.), Stenholm (Tex.), Tauscher (Calif.), Taylor (Miss.), Turner (Tex.), Weygand (R.I.).

I wonder how many MoveOn primary voters knew this?

Update – “I am happy that I was able to play such a key role in bringing about the formation of this fine organization.” Does that work?

Update 2 – Seriously, I agree with almost all of Rep. Kucinich’s positions and I respect him and recognize his courage and commitment in running for President. But the investigation and impeachment of President Clinton – and the terrible hounding of so many others who were dragged into that terrible witchhunt – was wrong, and was an entirely partisan act. Rep. Kucinich had no business lending any support to the Republicans on this, and should not have contributed his name to any claim the Republicans might have made of any degree of bipartisan support whatsoever for their attempted overthrow of our last legitimately elected President.