Kristof Is A Nitwit

I don’t know why I bothered to read it … well, I do know why, it was the title of the piece, Pants on Fire? Otherwise I just skip most of the “mainstream” pundits. Anyway, in the piece I came across this:

“One example is Mr. Bush’s determination since 9/11 to add to the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve, even though this pushes up gasoline prices. Mr. Bush’s approach is foolish economically, and it is crazy politically. Yet his grim willingness to raise gas prices during his re-election campaign underscores a solidity of character and convictions.”

This guy is writing in the NY Times, and he doesn’t even follow the news.

No, it isn’t a grim willingness, a sign of solidity of character. Jeeze. It’s BECAUSE THE CRONY THAT BUSH GAVE THE CONTRACT TO FUNDS THE RIGHT! Even though oil is at the highest price EVER, we are BUYING it from Koch Oil, sending them BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of tax dollars, instead of releasing oil from the reserve to lessen the burden on American consumers. And the money is used to fund the Right’s massive propaganda machine (and enrich Bush’s cronies.) DOH!

Does anyone know how to reach Kristof with this info?