I wonder if the reason the Bush administration seems to be ignoring the crisis with Korea is that Korea it isn’t in the Bible.

Update – I took the dog for a walk, and thought about this. Here’s what I’m getting at: is it possible that the Christian Right-Council for National Policy-Heritage Foundation-staffed, Scalia/God-selected Bush administration people are following a script they think they see in the Bible, with a Tim Lahaye “End Times” biblical vision of the Apocalypse, in which Bush is the divinely chosen Leader, with all of this nonsense reinforced in the Bible study sessions they have every morning in the White House?

In that script Iraq is Babylon, and Korea just isn’t a problem to worry about. If that’s the script they’re following we can see why the Bush people aren’t paying any attention to Korea – they just do not believe Korea will play a part in the coming conflagration that will lift them to Heaven and leave the rest of us to burn in Hell.