Know Nothing And Beyond

This contribution from Digby demonstrates why calling the Bush Administration Know Nothings gives them too much credit. What’s Good For The Goose Is Only Good For The Goose.
It is interesting that the ACLU got a ruling requiring that all the Abu Ghraib pictures be released to the public. What is really interesting is that the government argued that releasing them would be contrary to the Geneva Conventions. (Via Talk Left):

“It is indeed ironic that the government invoked the Geneva Conventions as a basis for withholding these photographs,” said Amrit Singh, a staff attorney at the ACLU. “Had the government genuinely adhered to its obligations under these Conventions, it could have prevented the widespread abuse of detainees held in its custody in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.”

Just when you thought they couldn’t possibly get any more bizarre. Click through for Digby’s analysis and comments.

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  1. Child abuse and incest are just fine, too. The perpetrator must keep the victims silent so they can continue the behaviors.
    The victims must remain silent.

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