Killing Saddam – HUGE Strategic Mistake

If we did – or do – kill Saddam, what is our justification for then entering or remaining in Iraqi territory?

More important, without Saddam in the picture, what is the justification for the Iraqi people LETTING us occupy Iraq, instead of fighting us? It changes the public face of this from a war of liberation to a war of conquest. Perhaps targeting Saddam is a huge mistake (aside from being blatantly illegal), that could lead the Iraqi people to fight us when they otherwise might have welcomed us as liberators.

Update – If we did kill Saddam, or don’t know if we did or not, this eliminates any justification for bombing Baghdad, seizing oil fields, etc. If we can’t proceed with our bombing campaign, we have to change the entire war plan. (Also Bush can’t give billions to his campaign donors to rebuild the buildings, bridges, roads, airports, etc. that we destroy). This assassination attempt could turn out to be a huge strategic mistake of historic proportions.

Update and Explanation – I hope that they kill or otherwise remove Hussein from the picture here, and stop any bombing, and no one else is hurt or killed, and the people of Iraq are freed. My point is that this Bush plan is about taking over Iraq, and this removes the justification for THEIR plan. And, in fact, they are saying to reporters that they think they DID kill Hussein, but as you can clearly see they are proceeding to bomb Baghdad and attack with ground troops.