Key To Happiness

Worth a read: The Key to Happiness That No One — Not Even the Happiness Gurus — Are Discussing,

There’s just one pathway to happiness in which this deep, human need for power is given pride of place: democracy. By this I mean democracy as a living practice that enables us to have a real say in every dimension of our public lives, from school to workplace and beyond.
[. . .] Including power in our definition of happiness changes everything.

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  1. Good insight. The founders had far more in mind than pursing ‘amusement’ (a muse – not thinking). Surely they envisioned building communities with justice, freedom, ability to protect your family from unlawful takings such as forced housing of the local British battalion.
    “Americans know that our economic recovery will take years — not months,” he said. The President, Jan 31st, 2009. Some might be unhappy that Pres. Obama promises no recovery until 2011 (give him slack 2012). Instead take this as an opportunity to join or start the local citizens watch and patrol. Start a charter school or home school association.
    (Work Hard. Be Nice.: How Two Inspired Teachers Created the Most Promising Schools in America
    by Jay Mathews)
    DC spends $12,000 X 30 = $324,000 per classroom to graduate about 60% of the students that start HS.
    So form a parents charter school. Rent a vancant store front. Hire 3 teachers with bachelors in anything and common sense at $60,000 ea and split the kids into 3 rooms. The teacher tailors self paced curriculum for each student and monitors progress against state approved assessment tests.
    24,000 rent
    180,000 salaries
    15,000 curriculum
    5,000 insurance
    30,000 bonuses for teachers – meet targets
    35,000 …10% for the rainy day fund and accumulated until the school is self funding and off the back of the pensioner’s property taxes. And controlled by local school board not corrupt state pols.

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