Key Article To Read

Robert Kuttner at American Prospect has written a key article on the state of Progressive politics. He picks the title up from the widely-discussed Death of Environmentalism essay.
Take a look at The Death and Life of American Liberalism: The right has shown that conviction beats vacillation. Can liberals acquire some spine?
It’s late. I’ll write about it soon.

1 thought on “Key Article To Read

  1. I write this with regret but Kuttner strikes me as vacuous. If he calls what Reid and Pelosi have done so far, standing up to BushCo; the guy is easily pleased. And by the way….he links Pelosi and Reid with Dean. That’s a bit ironic given Reid and Pelosi did all they could to keep Dean from assuming the Chair. I don’t know….perhaps I am being a bit harsh, but this guy just seems like he is sprouting the latest clichés going around without offering any thing new, anything challenging the standard orthodoxy of a Georgetown cocktail party.

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