Kerry whips Bush’s ass a third time; Kerry and Edwards sweep, 4-0

Even though President Bush’s Wednesday debate performance was marginally superior to his hapless earlier appearances, it’s no surprise that he lost again to the challenger, Senator John Kerry. When you’re expected to strip the “Worst President Ever” crown from Franklin Pierce, who has held it for over a century and a half, re-election is unlikely indeed. And the most eloquent orator in the history of bullshit would be hard-pressed to defend the worst job-creation record since Herbert Hoover, the bait-and-switch Iraq War disaster, or several of our President’s other dishonest policy initiatives.

After the debate Karl Rove said that debates are not really very important, and that he expects that negative campaigning, voter suppression, control of the voting machines, and promises of pork will be enough to bring the win to the Republican team. “But I suppose that we’re losing the wonk vote on this”, he said, laughing uproariously.