Kerry Should Call War a Religious Issue

For Many in Missouri, Picking a President Is More a Matter of Values Than Policy:

“‘I can’t get past the moral issues, I just can’t,’ said Mr. Woods. ‘So I cannot in any way support the Democratic Party,’ because of his objections to abortion and homosexuality.”

Basic marketing: the Republicans declare they are the party for religious voters, it becomes a “brand,” and religious voters feel they have to vote Republican.

Maybe Kerry should try the same game, and declare his issues as religious, too. WAR is certainly an issue that can be cast as a make-or-break religious vote. How about the death penalty? How about lying, cheating, stealing, intimidation, and giving no-bid contracts to your cronies? Should religious voters be approving THAT? But it won’t be seen that way by religious voters unless someone SAYS IT that way! It MIGHT just occur to some religious voters that war and killing and lying and cheating and steaing are ALSO religious issues … but in my own humble opinion I think that putting IN FRONT OF THEIR FACES would help that process along.