Kerry or Edwards, etc.

I’m curious. Can someone please point me to some weblogs that actively support Kerry or Edwards or Gephardt or any of the Democratic presidential candidates other than Dean? Thanks!

Update – I found one for Edwards, and it lists some other blogs, but none are up-to-date. One, Regular People for Edwards, requires a password. The Edwards campaign website doesn’t link to any blogs.

The Kerry website doesn’t link to any blogs.

The Gephardt website doesn’t.

The Bob Graham website doesn’t.

The Kucinich website doesn’t.

The Al Sharpton website doesn’t.

I found a weblog called “Bush Lites.” Does that qualify? HEY – it links to Seeing the Forest! Oh, never mind, it’s a pro-Dean blog.

Should I count this? I hope this isn’t really Kerry’s weblog!

UPDATE – OK, I found this: John Kerry’s Unofficial Blog.

Update – Here’s an active pro-Edwards weblog.