Kerry Guy Getting Creamed

I’m watching Crossfire, and a Kerry “Senior Advisor” is on, and is just getting creamed about the Iraq war and the WMD question. I mean eaten alive. Begala is stepping in to try to help him. The right-winter guys are bringing up old Kerry quotes about how Iraq had WMD and how we must act… the Kerry guy is being nice, doesn’t know the issues, isn’t prepared to argue the points, seems surprised that the right-wingers would say the things they are saying… Reminds me of Kerry before his makeover. “Pathetic” is the word coming to mind.

In a way it reminds me of Leiberman saying the Bush people should go ahead and count absentee ballots, even if they are not properly postmarked — which might be the one event that stands out for me as exemplifying the problems of the old-style “Washington” Democrats.

I’ve been thinking that if Kerry can continue to be the tough, focused, fighting guy he has been for the last few weeks — since he took on the Dean persona — maybe he can win. It didn’t occur to me that a campaign is more than just the guy at the top. It’s also all the old-style Democrats that we have been so tired of. They’re still there.