Kerry and Iraq

The Washington Monthly has some good words about Kerry vs. Bush on Iraq:

“Pundits have been kvetching for months now that Kerry hasn’t produced a gift-wrapped miracle that definitively solves all our problems in Iraq. But that’s just not in the cards anymore. Iraq is such a mess that there’s nothing left except choosing the least worst of a bunch of bad choices.

In any case, Kerry has now said what he’d do in Iraq, and while it might not be a slam dunk, it’s surely better than George Bush’s apparent plan to keep doing what he’s been doing all along (‘stay the course’). What Bush has been doing all along is exactly what got us where we are today, and practically anything would be better than that.”

Someone else, I don’t remember who, said asking what Kerry is going to do about Iraq is like when you have two kids, and one of them has knocked over your vase and it’s in 1000 pieces on the floor, and you turn to the other one and say, “What’s your plan for fixing the vase?”