Kerry and Cleland Smears

I’ve started to collect anti-Kerry smears as they show up. So far I’ve put up the “Special Interest Money” smear, the “Didn’t Really Earn His Medals” smear, the “Jane Fonda Photo” smear, and the “Kerry: Self-Hating Jew” smear. I’ve also thrown in the two Max Cleland smears: “Cleland-Saddam-Osama” and “Cleland Blew off his Arm and Legs Himself Out of Sheer Stupidity” (the last one courtesy of Ann Coulter.) This should end up being quite a lengthy file (!) so I’ve parked it at the other site.

I will also continue to update my Bush-Bin Laden site (“Who is Bandar Bush?”). Bush is vulnerable on the War on Terrorism if the Democrats have the guts to attack him. He’s actually doing a crappy job and has some enormous skeletons in his closet.

I expect as dirty a campaign as I’ve witnessed in my lifetime, and I see it as my role to encourage the Democrats to respond with adequate ferocity.

Smear Page

Who is Bandar Bush?