“How can anyone reasonably suggest to our fellow Americans that the way to get the economy moving today is to cut taxes 8 years from now?

And as for fairness, we’re not calling for redistribution – what we want is for average, middle class Americans who work hard to be able to get ahead just like their parents did. 20 years ago, the average CEO made 42 times what the average worker made. Now it’s 531 times more. It’s out of whack. Yet 40 percent of Bush’s tax giveaway oes to that very top 1 percent. I think that’s an attack on the fundamental fairness that holds this country together.

And perhaps most outrageous if the violation of generational responsibility — The largest cost of the Bush tax giveaway will not be born by any of us here today – it will be paid for by our children. That’s right – we’re borrowing from Social Security and Medicare to put money in some peoples’ pockets today – and sticking our children with the bill.”

Now, how about saying something about Trent Lott’s racism?!

(Thanks to Free Pie for this.)