Kennedy Call on Supreme Court

I was on a blogger web magaziners conference call today with Senator Kennedy. A great write-up to read is TalkLeft: Blogger Conference Call With Sen. Kennedy Re: O’Connor Retirement. Another is at Dem Bloggers.
I asked the Senator if he has a “cloakroom sense” of what the Republicans are going to do — nominate a consensus candidate that both sides can vote for, or go to the far right with a no-compromise confrontational approach. He said he sees ominous signs, that the right-wing groups have already raised $18 million for a fight. So he fears they are going to nominate someone from the far right.

1 thought on “Kennedy Call on Supreme Court

  1. It’s fascinating that this happens right before Independence Day! I don’t know what we could put together between now and Monday, but I’ll bet that a lot of us reading these posts were part of the spontaneous political movements of the 60s and 70s; civil rights, protesting the Vietnam War, you remember what we did. And how we did it, too. We didn’t sit on our butts. We’d had it, and we spoke out loud and clear, millions of us.
    Well, I’ve had it now, too. Enough with all this shit from the far right! As T. S. Eliot said:
    Let’s shout our collective heads off this Monday. It’s time to declare our independence again on Independence Day.

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